Jewellery Brand Annalay Highlights the Positive Power of Fashion

Annalay Zodiac Power Necklace ($54). Photography courtesy of Annalay.

The brand’s founder talks connection, creativity and why you should dress up for yourself.

With the winter doldrums creeping in to layer on top of the continuing COVID-19 crisis, you might find yourself in a slump when it comes to feeling inspired, upbeat and optimistic right now. But Toronto-based jewellery entrepreneur Annalay Ajooway-Tingling offers a sunnier outlook for our current mood ­– not just through her brand’s travel-influenced designs, but also by way of the reflections on her own journey previous to and throughout the pandemic.

Ajooway-Tingling’s first experience in the fashion industry came in her early twenties: while in university, she was involved in the modelling and acting sphere. “I found out quickly that I was considered ‘too curvy’ at the time to be taken seriously as a print model,” she recalls. “So I found myself in television, and that went really well. I had a nice run of high-profile commercials and I really enjoyed it.”

But eventually Ajooway-Tingling – who describes herself as “someone always seeking knowledge and experiences” while searching for answers to life’s big questions (“What’s my purpose? Why

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Jazz Influence And Trend

It is a new month and final month’s wardrobe is becoming ineffective and outdated, no downside, you possibly can check out new traits available in the market, that goes properly with you taste. Meanwhile, the key Italian participant ‘Benetton’ marched on high street with, offering colorful designer clothing for the entire family. Their strategy resulted affirmative with noticeably up to date window showcase in all shops with unbiased units. The company was profitable in Britain, nonetheless, having an extended standing out there, they witnessed failure to maintain up pace with the accelerated high vogue stress by the other European rivals, which are actually the generally known as Mango, H&M and Zara.

Furthermore, at present vogue has much developed to embody private brand. Everyone’s distinctive fashion could be called his or her style. For example, punk fashion was originally styles of socially discontented youth’s, now it has been taken up even by couture designers. Decades ago, trend had it standard rules such as how men and women ought to put on. At present, style is just not strictly dictated by gender. There have emerged a brand new class of vogue called unisex during which clothes lines will be worn by each …

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