How Tarot Cards Can Help You Get a Handle on 2021

Photo by D. Picard.

Intrigued by tarot? “Tarot is an extremely helpful introspective tool for those who are open to exploring themselves and the energies that they’re working with,” says Canadian clarity coach Chris Corsini. We spoke to Corsini to understand how can tarot cards can help us take on 2021 with purpose and intention. (For an astrologer’s take on the year ahead, read this.)

What are the benefits of tarot?

Tarot assists with “shadow work,” essentially, examining the parts of ourselves we don’t like or were taught not to like because of societal, religious or cultural norms. “Once you start exploring tarot,” says Corsini, “you can begin to question those things. You start asking yourself: do I believe this? Is this something I still stand by?”

Note: Tarot is not fortune telling, nor is it astrology. Rather, it’s more of a confirmation of what you are already feeling, which can help people feel empowered in their decision making.

Can anyone use tarot cards?

Short answer: Yes. “Sit down and start pulling cards, and familiarize yourself with what’s coming up,” says Corsini. “The booklets that come with the deck are always very

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