Inside Dr. Liza Egbogah’s Closet Full of Pieces by Nigerian Designers

Photography by Vai Yu Law.

Her collection of bright printed and embellished pieces allows her to stay connected to her roots.

Dr. Liza Egbogah, a Toronto-based manual osteopath, fell in love with the flair of Nigerian dressing before she started wearing it herself. “I loved looking through my mom’s old pictures because everyone was wearing traditional wax print dresses,” she remembers. “I’d ask my mother how I could get those kinds of pieces and she’d say, ‘I never thought you’d be interested in Nigerian clothes.’”

This might be due in part to Egbogah’s international upbringing; she was born in Calgary and lived in both Libya and Malaysia while growing up. But she recalls that during visits to her ancestral home — her parents were born in the same Nigerian village — she was mesmerized by what women in the markets were wearing.

Egbogah wears a topper and shorts from Toronto-based brand Precious Threads by Abiola, founded by domestic abuse survivor Abiola Akinsiku.

It was when she was in Malaysia that she developed a love of batik — the centuries-old print work typically made with wax that also appears in the traditional

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