Goop’s First-Ever Vibrator Is Here—And She’s a Beauty

A toy so pretty you wouldn’t be judged for intentionally leaving it on your nightstand.

Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed! Goop, your go-to source for super-powered skincare, wellness tips and, of course normalizing topics like mental health and female pleasure, has released its first vibrator, just in time for the day of love. Because what’s more important than self-love?

Meet the new Goop Double-Sided Wand Vibrator, a toy so cute you might not be so quick to hide in it your bottom drawer. (But who’s surprised? Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand is known for its aesthetically pleasing wares. As Kiki Koroshetz, Wellness Director of Content at Goop, tells me: “Because it’s Goop, beyond designing a vibrator that was effective and ergonomic and functional, we spent serious time on the aesthetic. The final design, as you can see, is sculptural and there’s a fun pop of colour. If you’re inclined to leave the vibrator on your nightstand, it might even bring a little joy just to see it there.”

It’s also thoughtfully engineered, with one round end for external massage and the other slim end for targeted stimulation; each side features eight different

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